Chatbots are the new technology Tornado.


Pretty much all of us are connected to the internet these days, although there are still 1.1 Billion new users that will connect by 2018. Most users use the internet for Social Media and Messaging, however messaging is growing at an ever faster pace. Think of how many people you have been messaging lately. Think of how many people you have preferred to text rather than call not to disturb them.


We all know that Mobile has surpassed Desktop. Just compare how much time you spend on your phone screen and how much on your desktop.


From 2015 messaging surpassed social media in terms of usage. The growth of messaging has been phenomenal and is not likely to stop soon.


We all use multiple of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, Watsapp, WeChat and Line, according to the preference of the contact we want to get a hold of.

We used to download many apps but now have an app fatigue and use only 10 top apps. A


Apps are on the way out and conversational interfaces are on the way in. You just need to look at China’s WeChat to understand where the future is headed.

Now imagine a world without call waiting, inappropriate cold calls or spam emails. Imagine a world where the customer receives personalized relevant and timely information to his requests delivered in natural language on a platform where he feels private and comfortable. Imagine a world where companies obsess with providing the best possible customer experience and engage bravely in conversation with their clients. Best of all, imagine a world where you do not have to learn how a site or an app operates but you just jump in and start a conversation!

Such a world is already possible thanks to the advancing technologies of AI, natural language processing and machine learning with which one can create a chatbot. Companies are already using bots for business. We are no longer crossing the Chasm of the technology adoption life cycle, as Geoffrey Moore would say but Inside the Tornado. Everyone is scrambling to get their own bot.


Marketing will never be the same when it begins to utilize the messaging channel. No more push advertising of one-size-fits-all commercials. No more expensive and ineffective carpet bombing with messages and TV spots. Through chatbots marketers will be able to deliver timely, personalized, relevant communication to subscribers who have opted to engage in the first place. Brands will be able to produce custom bots with entertaining games and playful surveys, leading to a more engaging customer experience.

Chatbot sales agents are already selling on Facebook. They know the whole product line up and its features by heart and are able to give personalized recommendations on the fly. They integrate with complicated internal inventory, fulfillment and accounting systems. The client has a single thread within which to choose, pay for and receive information about delivery of the product he has selected. Even complains and returns can be handled within the same thread. No more countless do-not-reply information emails that we delete anyway.

Companies can now provide 24/7 chat and voice customer service through automated agents (chat bots), relieving customer support and decreasing customer tension. Chatbots can log customer complaints in ticketing systems and handover to human when the issue is above their competency level. Routine queries can be automated and with each successful answer the chatobots can get better and better. No more senseless IVRs! No more wasted time on browsing through FAQ pages and forums. Chatbots will know it all and will be ready to talk about it.

It’s true that chat bots are a clumsy toddler nowadays, but remember the first apps – ouch! Do you remember the first websites and the beginning of the internet – now those were ugly and dysfunctional. Chatbots will improve and they will be ubiquitous. Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon – from Facebook, Microsoft and Google to IBM and Amazon. They are the next step of the evolution of communication between man and machine and they will lead to massive improvements in the efficiency of business and the satisfaction of clients. Chatbots will not replace humans, they will augment them, leading to smarter services, leaner companies and abundance to all of us.

We at want to be a part in this transformation, helping businesses communicate with humans through AI powered conversational interfaces.

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