at Viber for Business in Greece: showcasing St. Valentine’s Bot, Easter Bot and Commerce Bot

On the 18th of May 2017 Viber, who are expanding their B2B offerings and customer base in CEE, held an event in Innovathens, bringing together developers, business and media to showcase the best practices in Greece. Despite the strikes and the bad weather the event was well attended by some 80 local business partner and media representatives.

Vassil Popovski the CEO and Vladimir Rusev the CBDO of were the only ones to fly in from Bulgaria and were the first to present after Atanas Raykov the Director for Business Development CIS & CEE for Viber.

Atanas made a brief presentation about the growth of Viber in the world to 800 Million registered active users in just 6 short years. Viber’s commitment to quality and security of voice and text communication has made it the favorite chat application in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Near and Far east.

Viber users in Central and Eastern Europe, the CEE region, have grown to 33 Million, which makes it the dominant platform in the region. Viber services this region through their office in Bulgaria located in Betahaus – the startup crade of Sofia.

With Viber one can text, make video and voice calls and send stickers. Since last year there are also company public accounts and open group and secret chats. Viber’s focus on quality and security has won it many fans across the world. We are all expecting the enabling of in-app purchases.


Viber’s platform allows the creation of chatbots in public channels and Atanas Raykov presented the results from St.Valantines Bot and the Easter Bot, created by in the 5 languages of the top CEE markets. The St.Valentine’s bot was used 1.44 Million times, while the Easter bot 1.4 Million times. The Easter bot was also implemented in Russian and was used by 1.2 M Russians.

The media and marketing agencies present at the event took note that gamified, viral chatbots are engaging and dramatically increase the followers of public chats. is building a proprietary platform that will enable businesses without technical knowledge to roll-out marketing and sales assistant bots.

Vassil demonstrated the Commerce Bot that has created for an online retailer that allows the selection of a TV set using a variety of criteria like budget, size, resolution, HDMI ports, brand and other.

The public took note of the Commerce Bot’s AI, which can recognize several criteria in a single sentence. will continue developing the commerce bot and will enable retailers to use messaging as a new sales channel.

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