The Connecto Inception

In late 2015 Vassil decided it was time to end his long corporate career in VMWare and gave in a generous 10 month notice. He carefully handed over the Professional Services Division based in Bulgaria which he helped setup and … Continue Reading

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Augmenting customer experience in the taxi industry – how David can defeat Goliath

The taxi industry goes way back to the days of the horse-drawn carts, much before the combustion engine itself. Throughout this time, cities instituted strict licensing requirements, regulated fares, required insurance coverage and vehicle quality, treating the taxi service as … Continue Reading

Featured Post at Viber for Business in Greece: showcasing St. Valentine’s Bot, Easter Bot and Commerce Bot

On the 18th of May 2017 Viber, who are expanding their B2B offerings and customer base in CEE, held an event in Innovathens, bringing together developers, business and media to showcase the best practices in Greece. Despite the strikes and … Read More

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Chatbots are the new technology Tornado.

  Pretty much all of us are connected to the internet these days, although there are still 1.1 Billion new users that will connect by 2018. Most users use the internet for Social Media and Messaging, however messaging is growing … Continue Reading

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