Vassil Popovski, CEO & Co-founder


Vassil is an individual with more than 18 years of professional experience in software development. His journey in IT started more than 25 years ago, when Vassil was competing in national and international olympiads in Informatics. He has many medals from national olympiads and competitions and also a bronze medal from Balkan Olympiad in Informatics, Drama, Greece, 1997, as well – a bronze medal from International Olympiad in Informatics, Setubal, Portugal 1998. His early career started in SAP, where he was leading the implementation of a distributed transactional data store, used by SAP J2EE Server. Vassil was a technical director and partner at Sciant, where he helped grow the company from 55 to 180 people. Sciant became one of the largest and most successful consulting companies in Bulgaria. Vassil was one of the leadership team that closed the acquisition of Sciant by VMware in 2007. At VMware, Vassil grew to a Sr. Director and was part of the Sr. leadership team, leading many teams and activities. He led one of the largest teams – VC UI + Backend team, a team of 160+ individuals on 3 locations (Sofia, Mumbai, Bangalore). This team delivered a significant part of the VMware vSphere – a product that generated $2B annual revenue. At VMware Vassil also created (and led) a new organization from scratch – PS CoE, a development organization that partnered with PSO to deliver customized integration solutions to VMware customers. He grew the organization from 2 to 70 people in 1.5 years and the organization was bringing in $15M in revenue. Vassil was a part of the Sr. Leadership team at VMware Bulgaria and directly contributed to the growth of VMware Bulgaria from 180 to 600 people and to its becoming employer of choice in Bulgaria. At VMware Vassil was mentored by some of the brightest IT leaders of our time, including Thuan Pham (now CTO of Uber; Vassil reported directly to him for several years) and Ben Fathi (now CTO of CloudFlare, ex-Microsoft CVP – responsible for Windows 7, one of the most successful Windows versions; Vassil reported directly to him for more than an year).
Vladimir Rusev, Chief of Business Development (CBDO) & Co-founder
Vladimir is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience who is instrumental in starting up companies, defining and implementing their strategy and bringing them to maturity. While at AUBG in 1996, Vladimir became one of the co-founders of Wizcom, a software startup, where he was responsible for heading the finance, administration, HR and IT functions. Vladimir also handled the legal structure, tax reporting and investor relations of the company. Wizcom, later renamed Sciant, had more than 180 employees and was purchased by VMware in 2007. At Sciant, Vladimir worked directly with Vassil, where both were part of Sciant Leadership team. During 2004-2008 Vladimir joined the corporate world and became Director of Acquisitions and Integrations of CableTEL, a cable TV operator with 150 000 subscribers, that consolidated the Bulgarian market by buying out smaller companies and merging with Evrotur and Eurocom to become Blizoo. Blizoo had more than 400 000 subscribers before being sold to MobileTel. In 2003 Vladimir invested in and became one of the two owners of EON TOYS, a childrens toys wholesalers in Bulgaria of branded and licensed toys, with its own online store at Vladimir brought the company from startup in 2003 to explosive growth in 2005-2011 by designing and implementing policies and procedures and training the company personnel. He introduced new technologies, software and mindset to the business. After the market crash in 2011 and entry of JUMBO, eontoys made a successful pivot from toy distributor to toy wholesaler of excess stock with smaller scope. Vladimir is no longer operationally involved in eontoys but remains a shareholder. Vladimir is a chartered accountant and qualified member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in London, UK and fellow member of ACCA. He has completed AUBG with double majors in Business Administration and Politics and International Relations. He has studied in the First English Language high school in Sofia and in Islamabad Grammar School, Pakistan. Vladimir is a personal growth fan and a dedicated helper. He has been involved in a number of volunteer activities like ABLE Mentor and AUBG Alumni Association.



Radoslav Nikolov, CTO & Co-founder
Radoslav has almost 20 years of professional experience in software development. He started working as a software engineer in C/C++ in 1997 for Great Bear, Ltd, a Bulgarian software outsourcing company developing Ability Office suite ( for Ability Plus Software and in 1998-2000 he was leading the development of Ability Spreadsheet.
In the period 2000-2007 Rado was part of WizCom/Sciant, working as a senior software engineer and leading some of the largest teams in the company. He was directly reporting to and working with Vassil. Projects include XMS (XML Messages Server) – a high-performance, flexible security and XML processing gateway that enables organizations to succeed in their Web Services and SOA projects, and Blue Martini – a suite of tools for building e-commerce sites (both B2C and B2B), including API, debugging tools, BI and data mining tools and internal workflow engine.
Projects at VMware (2007-2012) include Capacity Planner – a tool for estimating potential benefits of virtualizing existing hardware, vCloud Director (where he worked directly with Vassil) – VMware cloud offering, and API Endpoint – a project to unify all VMware APIs under single endpoint.
After VMware, Radoslav joined Transmetrics, an early startup and was the 3rd cofounder of the company. In Transmetrics, he was responsible for overall product development and the research related to predicting future cargo demand. Research task included machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistical models and in a project with DHL it achieved almost 90% accuracy.


Stoyan Haralampiev, Lead Engineer
Very experienced engineer, ex-Sciant/ex-VMware, with more than 16 years of experience. Founder of, a Software/Hardware company that built adventure sharing platform for bikers.
Ivan Barutchijski, Sr. Engineer
Very experienced engineer, ex-Sciant with more than 13 years of experience. Was working directly with Radioslav and Vassil at Sciant.
Ignat Ignatov, Sr. Engineer
Very experienced engineer, ex-VMware with more than 13 years of experience. Was working with Stoyan ot platform